3 Jun 2011

Buried alive

Have you ever thought of sleeping inside a coffin, underground, just for the sheer thrill of it?


You are not a vampire who are afraid of the dark, and you are not a deceased (yet).

You might ends up dying by mistake. Regardless of how deep you were buried underground, the fact that you were 'buried' itself, possesses a great opportunity for a grim reaper to come and collect you to the afterlife.

A man (let him be D) living in the eastern city of Blagoveshc, Russia, (don't ask me, I don't even know how to pronounce that 'thing') dug a hole for his coffin, climbed into it, and asked his friend (let us call him E) to cover it with eight inches of dirts. Not that deep, yeah?

Armed with a blanket, mobile phone, and a bottle of water, D stayed for the night, believing that the next morning (and towards the rest of his life), he will always be blessed with good luck.

The next day, E was surprised to find D not breathing (dead) by the time he dug him out. It was believed that the pipe holes that were providing airways for D was blocked by dirt due to the heavy rain the night before.

So, it seems that D's luck ran out the moment he'd decided to accomplish his mission.

Moral of the story: Even when you've felt like you have nothing but bad lucks, please do not resort into something like burying yourself alive. It never works that way.


source: metro uk


Aemy Shamy said...

Reminds me of some films like I Know Who Killed Me. I won't let myself buried alive underground because it's dark & there will be more crawling insects (I'm phobia of darkness and insects) :p

Seaweed & Pumpkin said...

oo not so lucky i guess.

Armstrong said...

This is so dumb LOL... sorry for the dude though.

Only proves that whatever we plan will not go according to how we want it to be whatever:P So for me, we gotta just go with da flow heeee.

P.S Grim Reaper is one of my fav scary characters of all time!

Miki Aya said...

Aemy; I don't think that I'll be able to watch a thriller movie like that. Read, I can....but, not watch x)

Yeah, same here. I don't ever want to let myself be buried alive like that :)

Miki Aya said...

Anita; Yeah. He's really not. x(

Miki Aya said...

Arms; I know, right? I pitied him, so much. It's more like, whatever things that you've planned, won't go as smooth as it was supposed to be, unless if it was approved by God. ;)