17 Apr 2012

Revision. Distraction.


Final is coming in a month time, and I've been trying to study. A lot.
So, I've made this timetable as my so-called-guideline;

There are two pages of them! Different timetable for every week.

However, it's hard to follow a timetable, when I'm always distracted. I'll be hungry, sleepy, bored, and sometimes, I caught myself staring at the garden.

My workplace.

Can you spot my guitar on the right hand side? Well, I'll be tempted to strum it at times....

That white robe, with colorful polka dots, is my dressing gown. Which, I wear every day, and at almost every second. We've turned down the central heating, so it's pretty cold these days. I know that it's spring, but still.....

I've tried standing up for quite some time to reduce my sleepiness, but, to no avail. Maybe, I was born to be a sleepyhead? At times, I'll play this game with my friend;

Then, I'll have this dream about me becoming the next picaso prodigy. So, I'll waste quite some time in discovering my new found talent;

Oh well... Not too talented, I see.

Take care then! I'll talk to you all again later. :)

1 comment:

Aemy Shamy said...

at least u made a timetable..i can't even make one for myself. hehe..
good luck yeah ;)
hey cute drawings!! ^^