9 May 2012

I'm broke


So, as the title goes, I'm broke. Seriously.

The story was like this;

I've bought to and fro flight tickets from London to Sabah via an agent for Royal Brunei Air just before our spring break, and I thought that all things were settled.

During the holiday, I've spent quite some money carelessly (and I totally regretted it). When I've realized that I have yet to receive the e-ticket for my flights, I emailed the agent, followed by a call.

Apparently, the bank has denied my payment, for no reason. That's one thing. The problem is, I wasn't notified of this matter. If it happens that I didn't realized about the e-ticket until the very last day, it would have cost me a fortune to go back for summer.

In the end, I've bought new flight tickets directly with Qatar Airways this time for roughly £600. Well, at least, I am able to go back earlier this time.

All is well.

It looks a little too empty, yeah?

Will I be able to live off these?

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