15 Feb 2011

Could it be, a new language?

I believe that most of you have encountered countless of word verifications before (correct me if I am wrong). I have always noticed the words used in it were somewhat odd. Well, of course, they might be just some random mix up of letters. However, I like to use my brain to think of them in a different light, the lamer ones :).

This looks like a Chem-Nest to me. A secluded place where all Chemists spend their time together. Something like a Love-Nest for lovers.

Forgotten an 'S' for a prefix? 

It looks more like the word 'gunsoding' to me, if I were to rearrange the letters, and add an extra 'g', and 'n' in it. Gunsoding is a Dusun's word for......arrogant?

Sing? The extra 'y' was added for an extra cuteness. Imagine yourself pronouncing 'sing' as 'sying'

Finally, the long awaited word. I could think nothing of this, but a new language. 

I was just bored, and have nothing better to do. So, please deal with my lame post this time :). Now, I just wanted to ask, what do you have in mind when you saw the word verifications?

Cheers, sweet.

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simpodonvilla said...

security gia rii, kadang2 haro system computer sendiri mengukab laman web & haro ayat2 dau maan typo & paste hilo ko laman web n sumiliu virus...better haro t verification...