10 Feb 2011

Lunch-talk today

I was at the lecture hall this morning when my friend point at something written on the board in front of us.

When I told her that I am going for the talk, she told me that she'll join me too (for the sake of the free lunch), but fine by me :).  Right, when we have reached the Physics building, our eyes were practically scanning the whole area for the foods. However, they were really smart. They made us sit for the whole talk first, before bringing out the lunch.

Anyway, I think that the talk was pretty much okay. The words that the speaker was using were pretty deep, that I can't really understand parts of them. To be frank, even though that I am a Christian, I had my doubts sometime. So, coming to the talk today was really an eye opener for me. He especially talk about "can you trust the bible", and I found that I am trusting the bible more now (not that I didn't trust it before).

My bible.

For those who have always doubted Christianity, and the bible, you should first accept the idea that the bible is a book of 1) history, and 2) imagination. Then, we should compare the bible with other books of antiquity. What am I trying to say is that, take the story of Alexander the great as an example. He was a man of history, and his story was written on manuscripts after an approximate of 400 years after his life, and many people, educated and uneducated alike have come to believe in his existence. So, why not believe in the existence of Jesus?

The bible provided in my room.

The bible itself, is a compilation of books written by great scholars during Jesus' time. It is an amazing book, containing beautiful poems, stories, letters, and the most important thing is the good news it has depicted. It is indeed true that the stories in the bible might sounds absurd to many who do not believe in God, but if you do believe in God, miracles like that are not up to questions, because in God, everything can happen.

Okay, it seems like I am preaching to you guys now. I apologize for that, it was not meant to be. I have only thought of sharing my ideas to you. Right, what is your faith in life?

Cheers, love :)


+p.h.o.b.i.e+ said...

wow. free! bagus ko dapat free talk yang berguna dan free food lagi. zal,did u noe dat govt tax in msia increased from 5% to 6%? i was thinking twice buying kfc bcuz of the govt tax! :(
harga minyak jngan ckap..we got 4 litres only for rm10. whewwwww~

tiara andrea said...

pb, im in msia but i did not know that. hahaha! if govt cud provide better public trsport service, I'm willing to give up a personal car!

btw zal, i had my doubts as well. but it helped me to deepen my understanding and faith on God. not saying i'm a religious now.lol

nway, take care darling! :)