22 Jan 2011

ma' papi

I have another favourite dog. Wait, it cannot be favourite if I have two, can it? Well, favouriteS it is then. His name is Puppy. My sister picked this name for him. My dad had even approved of this name. Usually, he will not go with names like this (for the record, he approved of Darling's name too).

I don't have Puppy's pup photos, so please be content with these:

Puppy and his sister

They were happily playing, ignoring longuk at their side. 

Puppy really loves to sleep on the stairs, especially after getting his injection.

I felt sorry for his chaining since he won't make any fuss about it.

He's definitely a 'great help'. He will join us to the paddy field everyday, but he'll keep on whining about wanting to be carried. He really did that, you know. This was especially true when he was frightened by something.

There was this day, when he keeps on jumping and leaning on my sister and myself alternately. At first, I really have no idea what was he up to by doing that. Then, I've realized that there was a dog nearby, staring at us. The nearer we got to the dog, puppy became more frantic, so in the end my sister hold him in her hand, and puppy seemed to calm down by that. Puppy is a real something.

He'll 'help' us by sleeping on the nurod. 
I was thinking that he just wanted us to get a break like he did.

Puppy is just like Darling, or I should say, Darling was just like Puppy, since Puppy is older. Puppy will always join us to the paddy field, orchard, estate, farm, anywhere, just name it. 

Here are the evidence;
He was sun-tanning at the estate.

Puppy being a little lazy.

Posing for the new dogs' magazine.

Treasure hunting at the farm....?

Oh, he's tired now, isn't he.

I bet he's really good looking if he is a human.

Ah, longuk was feeling left out back there.

From left: Topikung, lagahung, puppy.
It was a competition of 'who can catch this with your mouth'.

If I were to compare Puppy and Darling, I will say that Puppy is more civilised, and he has more manners. If I were to feed him something by hand, he'll make sure that his mouth and saliva didn't touch my fingers. If I were to ask him to sit, he will sit gracefully. If I were to ask him to lie on his stomach, he will do so in an elegant manner. 

He will follow me to the church when there was a need for us to clean up the church's area. So, during lunch break, Puppy will sit next to me crossed-legged. I am serious! Crossed-legged!


Believe what you see. Ha ha!

However, a dog is still a dog.

Anyway, I love all my dogs. I can't wait to meet them again soon! Someone told me that it is not good to form that really strong attachment to dogs since their lifetime is way lesser than a human's. However, I just can't help myself but loving these adorable creatures.


Anonymous said...

comel jg tasu2 ko zal. sa pun ada anjing di rumah. nma dia shin chan, babo, kurudu sma galong. three of them were named by my youngest brother. mama sa bilang org dusun sma tasu x boleh dipisahkan. hv u heard of story why dusun so attach to tasu ka? the bond u share with ur dogs is so touching la zal. huhu...

simpodonvilla said...

i like puppy...
nga paling samat tu crossed legged posing dau...

Anonymous said...

zal, i think i do know what T-SHIRT u were wearing under the long sleeve. hehehe. btw, i love them all :D maybe a nursery for dogs wud be good for us both ;)

Miki Aya said...

cRus, thanks. btw, i've never heard of that story. can you tell me? your dogs' names are unique too, shin chan! ha ha.

Smart kan dia duduk mcm tu. so far, dia 1 ekor ja pandai mcm tu.

of course rai! Sabah! haha... yeah, maybe that could be a great idea. ha ha.

MarlyMarble said...

I want a dog pet!

Anonymous said...

it started with a couple who has no child. dusun couple yg tiap kali lahir anak mesti meninggal. then 1 day they went to seek advice from bobohizan and bobohizan ask them to momiara tasu. one reason why their child owez die is the house got so many uninvited 'visitors'. tats why la anak dia slalu mati. since they momiara tasu, baru anak couple tu hidup. tasu mmg cute ba~ human best fren. podosi kaka tombiruo iti tasu ti. when i go mindahu, i never afraid if ada tasu2 coming along oh. lol~

Miki Aya said...

Aly, don't you have one? if you don't, then you should really get one.

Iya ba cRus? Nti tme sy ada sdh fmly sndri2, sy mo piara tasu bejuta2 la. spy x hantu kacau rumah sy. hahaa