27 Jan 2011


I miss you! Yeah, I know you missed me too, admit it. Ha ha! Anyway, cross that out. I bet all of you have heard of LOL, aren't you? It's an abbreviation for a 'laugh out loud', or whatever else others might call it as. So, I wanted to introduce a LIL to all of you. It's not Lil' Wayne or anything, but just something lame I came up with recently.

LIL: Lost In London

Yeah! It is as it is. I was 'quite lost' in London last Saturday. I am this confident girl when it comes to trusting myself in making a choice. However, sometimes my confidence aren't so reliable after all. Ha ha! Anyway, I needed to meet up with my brother on that particular Saturday at a hostel in London. My mistake was, I did not made sure that I remembered the way to that hostel. All I can remember was, to take a tube to Gloucester road. That's it!

A: Victoria Station, London
B: Gloucester Road, London

It was that simple, and I made it to B, but the problem happens after I have reached B. I don't have any idea of where to walk! I was pretty sure that I was doomed. I have tried calling my brother, but I just can't get through. What the heaven? So, I went around the station asking about the hostel. Clearly, the hostel is not famous at all since nobody have heard of it. Again, what the heaven

I went to ask this mr. Janitor in front of the station, but I just could not bring myself to believe his direction. He did not look convincing at all! Where is a smart-phone when I need one? (for the record, my phone is just a classic, normal phone) I needed Google map, right now! In the end, I called my friend back at my university hall to Google the hostel for me. Gosh, what a pathetic loser I am. 

I ended up walking for what I've felt like a thousand miles, alone, before reaching the 'famous' hostel. I made it anyway, so yay me! All my pieces are still attached, and I had a great, tiring weekend at London with my brother, and friends. I will make sure that I won't lost next time! Go, me! Ha ha!

P/s: Give me a ring when you are thinking of visiting next time, I'm pretty sure that I am now a full fledged tour guide. Ha ha!

Cheers, love. :)


Anonymous said...

hohoho. maybe a map on PAPER is needed ;)

sarah lysa reynolds said...

yah!.. coudnt agree more rai!.. yg mne lukis2 pas tu warna pakai pensel kayu.. heee

Miki Aya said...

Yeah, I've thought of that, but we are on a mission of saving the earth, remember? Got to be paperless whenever possible :)

Anonymous said...

muahahaha. 2la kan winn. br mcm adventure skit. awww..zal! great! but i guess using a used wrapping paper is acceptable. LOL

Cla said...

U were a great tour guide of Bristol! Does tht help? Lol
it was great knwing a sweet girl like u. Keep in touch!