3 Jan 2011

The only window in my room

I woke up this morning.....well of course I woke up. Right, forget about that, but I have realized that it was pretty cold this morning as I rose from my comfy bed. I forced my aching body towards the window, and slid the curtain open. I could not see a thing! I am short-sighted, okay. Oh well, I figured that I will just have to do all my usual morning stuffs; washing up, making breakfast, eating breakfast, etcetera, etcetera. 

It's raining outside! My flatmate exclaimed. That explains the extra cold weather today, I thought. So I went back into my refuge, my warm room, and sat lifelessly on the chair. However, I have realized that the things falling from the sky outside are not droplets of water, but snows! Ugh! It snows again.....this is not going to be fun.

(Seriously, they do not shows much of a difference, but I just wanted to upload both of these photos.)

I remembered my first day accommodating this room of mine. I did exactly like what I did up there, slid open the curtain, and tried to remember the scenery from my small window, and these are my results;

(Pretty, aren't they? Its autumn, and I love autumn!)

Then, on the 26 of November, I saw real snows for the first time from my window. I was so awestruck since I can't believe my own two eyes. My thoughts slowly surfaced, and says this is beautiful. I end up sitting in front of my window the whole day, giving another attempt to memorize the scene. Let me share it with you. Here they are;

(It has gotten darker. Well, I did tell you that I sat there the whole day, didn't I?)

At that particular time, even after I went out of the house and really touch the snows, I thought, "Oh, this is okay. Not that cold, and still so pretty." After a few weeks, the temperature dropped lower, and the snows came heavier. The wind blows stronger, the road become slippery, and it is just so uncomfortable. However, every time I went into my room after the day, and look outside, I forgot all about the harsh moments I've experienced during the day. The scenery outside is just too pretty to dislike. 

(This is mild snow, and they are still okay.)

(This is heavy snow. Breathtaking, ain't it?)

(I really like to look at it, but not in it.)

I have realized that, some people may never touch a snow in their lifetime, and I am lucky that I have at least experienced it even if I don't really like it. Worry not to all others who have never experienced this. The snows are pretty much alike the ice frozen in your fridge. 



GIBREL said...

how I wish I could touch the snow one day!

MarlyMarble said...

i'd always thought that winter is fun till my uncle told me it's a hard time physically.

Miki Aya said...

Study hard Gib, you'll touch them one day!
Yes Aly, we've shared the same thought there.

Anonymous said...

the snow reminds me of a contestant in antm. it's fun watching her from a distance but having her around would be like hell i guess. btw, happy new year zal! dont forget to drink hard. God bless~

Miki Aya said...

haha.so, you watch antm? i thought i've seen one of the contestant in my lecture hall that day. but this one is from bntm(british). but, i'm really not that sure. drink hard? haha, whatever that means? happy new year to u too! God bless.

Anonymous said...

now, not watching anymore. if i'm not mistaken her name is jade cole. she's just so weird~

Anonymous said...

4 musim gia noh..=)

Miki Aya said...

amu poh korikot do apat musim hiti ti. duo nogi musim, kumotolu noh tih bulan 3.

simpodonvilla said...

andasan ku da 4 noh meti..
nga menarik hati gia noh dot hilo...hehe

Seaweed & Pumpkin said...

haha,i kinda missing the winter. Well, i love authmn too :) :)

Miki Aya said...

Well, yeah :) To think that we won't be experiencing any of this in Malaysia... It's kinda sad, yeah?