14 Jan 2011

Bad hair?

I used to have a long and curly hair.

I looked like this;

Then, I've decided that I was bored with this look and wanted to have a whole-new-me-look. So, I go with a short, straight hair. At the beginning, everything was good. Well, at least my hair is behaving as it should be. 

Introducing my new hair;

Unfortunately, my happiness did not last long. You knew about the fact that we should not wet our hair for few days after perming or straightening it, isn't it? Well, lucky me, I totally broke that ultimate rule. This happens mainly because of my dad (I don't want to blame him too much, but still I blame him). 

Never mind that, here is the result afterwards;

I've tried thousand times to ask my hair to behave; "Sit hair!Sit!Bad hair!Bad hair!", but to no avail. I've figured that if my dogs could understand that, why not my hair? It is on my head isn't it? However, this is just a random thought, I know. So, my sister decided that the best way to save me from the world's humiliation and torture is to cut my hair shorter. 


I looked exactly like chibi maruko chan, except for the fringe, of course. 

Chibi maruko chan;

I definitely feels that this is a disaster. In the end, I calmed down by believing that 'hair will grow'.

Now, have you ever had a hair disaster? Well, if you do, tell me.

P/s: Hair can really grow, so relax.


Anonymous said...

hahaha...chibi maruko... sy pn pnh zal..time imperfect curly dulu...hehe...tp'it's ok, experimenting hair style is great....~LOVE, Fenny~

Anonymous said...

lotsa times! urgh. u do know that my hair was short when i was in keningau right?

that, was the most extremely disastrous hair style i ever had because of the professional wanna-be hairstylist or shud i call him barber? LOL. i have to endure it for four months!

for some unknown reason, my hair was growing so slow. i guess it's because of my unhealthy eating habit at that time.

btw, don't worry. u look great with ur current hair :)

Miki Aya said...

Chibi maruko: a perfect example, isn't it? ha ha. tp fenn, sy x pnah nmpak pun ko pny disaster. mungkin kalau orang cantik ni, style rambut pa mcm pun ttp nmpk cantik ba. n u r right! experimenting is a way of showing our creative and fun side.

I knw that rai, and yeah i do understand your feeling. the hair stylist chose my hairstyle herself, and her assistant is a second away from burning my already-not-so-pretty face. in the end, she burnt my hair. thanks, i still think that my hair still needs that extra attention, but of course, your hair is looking good too.

Tanak wagu said...

biar betul..
cuba ko uplod.
maw confirm sama ka sma si Cik Chibi?

Miki Aya said...

haha jack, nti sy cek dlu dlm external hdd. x tau ada or x sy smpan bukti rambut rusak ni.