28 Jan 2011

Post-exam syndrome

Most people, me included will experience something that I would like to call as the post-exam syndrome. 

The symptoms:
1. Worrying about what your answers in your exam

2. Discussing about the right answers for the questions right after the exam

3. Keep on talking about the mistakes you did during your exam

4. Obsessing about comparing and knowing others' mark after getting the result
(Symptoms may vary with different people)

The effects:
1. Stress

2. Depression

3. Envy

(Effects may vary depending on the result of the exam)

However, I've learnt today from my lecturer that the exam is done, and it is gone. Get over it, and go on with your life. (For the record, I haven't received my exam's result). I was having that first three symptoms until early this morning, but it's gone now. Whatever happens, happens. I did my best, you did your best, and we did our best. Now, let us just hope and pray :)



tiara andrea said...

u'll do great. after all, not getting super A+++ doesn't mean u're going to be a bad chemist teacher later. :)

sarah lysa reynolds said...

haha.. tlmpau la ba jg gmbr depression ko tu kwn.. terpaku sbntr diri ini..but anyway and again.. past is past.. so let it be because you've tried the very best of your ability.. =)

Anonymous said...

What light of day isn't today?