2 Jan 2011

A note to God

Dear God, 

Today is a great day. I can feel your presence in the sunshine, the wind, and in my heart. I know you are here with me, holding my hand, keeping me from falling. I know you will be with me tomorrow, and the next day, and as far into my future as you carry me. On the day I was born, we embarked on a journey, you and I, one that will last a lifetime. We’ve hit potholes, roadblocks, construction, and detours, but ultimately, we’ve come to a place, together, where we can grow and develop a relationship. We’ve had help along the way. You’ve given me so much to believe in, and so many who believe in me. You’ve helped these people lead me to a quiet place where you are waiting for me. There, I received from you a strong faith, a loving family, and a wonderful community of supporters who have watched and guided me as I developed into who I am. I realize, at this turning point in my faith, one thing – that I want you in my life. I need you in my life. I know our journey will never end, as long as we continue on it together. 


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