3 Nov 2010

How to Kill Your Time

Have you ever felt so lost after having a whole week of tests and assignments, then suddenly you are very free during the weekend that you have no idea of what to do other than studying? Well, it is true that some of you can spend the whole day surfing the net or playing games.

However, what about those who have no internet connection or do not really favor gaming? There will be times when all you do were to sit hopelessly, looking at the four walls, wondering of what to do next. So, during these empty hours, it might be practical for all of you to put my ideas and suggestions into practice since we will never know how much fun they will be, until you have tried them yourselves.

First and foremost, you can try to have a peek at your finger nails. Let it be your hands or your toes. You might have not realized it, but your nails might had grew longer than the normal length since you are too busy studying. I can say that, you will spend approximately 30 minutes by just clipping your every finger nails.
Next, you might consider giving your parents a call. I bet that you have not done that for quite a long time now. Well, correct me if I am wrong. The tests and also the heavy workloads of assignments might have given you quite some pressure. So, talking to your parents might somehow give you a sense of relaxation. It works on me, so I cannot see how it might not work on you.

After having done all that, maybe you can go to your room and sneak a peek at your closet. Who knows if you had accidentally grew a farm of mushrooms inside there. If that is not bad enough, you never knew if you had bred a variety of insects’ family and maybe rats too. I will try my best not to let that happen to me. So, it is best for you to do the same thing too.

In addition, you can do some good deeds at home. You might as well take out the trash; sweep and mop the floor, wash the door mats, clean the toilet, and wipe the mirrors at home or should I call it as hostel. There is no harm in doing all these cleaning stuffs. Instead, you will get extra credits for that. Not only that your housemates will salute your hard works, but also you will be able to breathe some fresh air, indoor.

Subsequently, you can spend some quality time with your pet. Be it your kitten, puppy, or your bunny. Wait! We cannot have any pets at the hostel. Well, never mind that. You can always have the lizard which had been playing next to your study desk as a pet. Some of you might not like a lizard, so, why don't you give it a go with the ant or the cockroach? If both of them do not suit your taste, you can always have the crow as your pet. How does that sounds?

Then, here is another suggestion from me. You can grab this chance to learn first aid. We can never predict the future. We will never know when our ticker tick out, or when will we bite our last bite, or when will we get a fatal injury. By learning first aid, we are at least protected with another layer of protection shield against accidents that might cause us our precious life.

Like this.

...or this.

Besides, you can also practice a healthy lifestyle. Lose some of those fats on your waist. This can be done by going  for a jog or a simple walk at the park. Bring along your iPod and plug it on your ears.
However, if you are far from feeling like going out, you can always do some work out in your room. As for example, you can do some rope skipping, aerobic, and maybe you can just simply dance like nobody is watching. You can totally ignore your housemates who are staring at you with their fierce eyes. So what? You just want to live some life.

Admittedly, some people may argue that my suggestions are all craps. However, rather than living like some zombie or whatever you call it is, it does not hurt to put my ideas into practice. The odds are, you won't regret it. I personally believe that it lies on the individual themselves to decide on what best to do. Though, if you are really desperate, you can simply shoot your clock.

That will definitely kill some time.

Peace. Out.

p/s: or, you can read the rest of my posts to waste fill your precious time. :p


Anonymous said...

'simply dance like nobody is watching.'...sy suka 2...hehe....~LOVE,Fenny~ ( <- aiseh, mcm jd trademark sy pla bg2....heheheh)

Miki Aya said...

bah, nti kta simply dance like nobody is watching la kio "~LOVE,Fenny~" ngam la tu, jd ko pny signature ^_^

simpodonvilla said...

hilo kunopo kg hom hino oku noh kabun moi papataam dot masa, okon nepe hom hiking oku moi puru...

Miki Aya said...

amu oku koupud do mimpanau baino yoh. aagat noh tinan, nokolombon oku noh gia. haha

Anonymous said...

U're amazing, just the way u are:)

Miki Aya said...

ha ha... thank you for that :)