3 Nov 2010

Thoughts in words

 ✿◕ ◕✿ ❀◕ ◕❀ ❁◕ ◕❁ ✾◕ ◕✾

My nights are becoming sleepless, and my dreams are becoming hopeless. So, I asked God~ “Is this love?” God answered me~ “No, my child. This is exams!”.

I am not an angel, but I am just an innocent devil.

Sometimes, all you wish for is someone to wish for you.

Everything will be OK in the end. If it is not, then you know that it is not the end yet.

Some see the glass as half empty; some see the glass as half full. I see it as time for another drink!

You should know that when someone pisses you off, it takes 48 muscles to frown, but only two to pull a trigger.

I sometimes watch the birds and wonder, “If I could fly, who I would shit?”

 ✿◕ ◕✿ ❀◕ ◕❀ ❁◕ ◕❁ ✾◕ ◕✾


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