21 Jan 2011

Busy....stress....yay me!

I escaped a morning lecture today (guilty >,<). I was just too lazy to attend the lecture, but eager enough to spend my an-hour-supposedly-class doing my laundry. My siblings (a brother and a sister) are coming to town, so I am thinking that my room needs to look presentable by the time they came. 

The photos were printed for free from Snapfish.com.

While waiting for my laundry, I went to the porter's lodge, and found my tenancy agreement sent by my prospective landlord. The agreement is due by next Wednesday (really fast!), so I was kind of stressed out since there are so many things to be done in such a short time;

1) Entertaining my siblings and their friends around London on the weekend, and at Bristol, Bath, and Stonehenge on the weekdays.
2) Answering my pre-lab test, and safety test for a practical class on Monday.
3) Answering my contact and on-line Chemistry tutorials that are due on Monday.
4) Studying for my Mechanism of drug actions 1A that will be held on Wednesday.
5) Going through the tenancy agreement with the accommodation office at the Students' Union.
6) Preparing a cheque for the deposit of my prospective house next summer.
7) Posting back the filled agreement, and standing order form to my prospective landlord so that it will reach his hand by Wednesday.

I am just a human, and I needed a break. I used the fact that the accommodation office was closed today as an excuse to join my friends out shopping. For the record, I managed to stay cool by not tempted in buying any clothes on the sales' rack today (yay, me!).

We went to the city centre by foot, but became too lazy to climb up the hill to go back home, so we chose to ride a bus instead (it costs us 2 pounds!)

When I asked the bus driver, he told us that he will stop near to the students' union, so I told my friends to be confident with the bus driver. However, the driver betrayed us! He didn't stop at the students' union, he didn't even go anywhere near to the students' union, but towards Whiteladies, so halfway before reaching Whiteladies, we jumped off the bus. 

Look how far is my hall, and the place that the bus is heading. So much for the confidence and trust we put on the driver. Ha ha!


Jun Ru said...

what a nice and cute blog u own! I can see how much effort u've put it in!!!!!
woah, ur siblings coming to pay u a visit! tht's really great!! :D
well, I am supposed to do my revision for tml's test but somehow I end up reading ur posts. >_< opps

Miki Aya said...

Haha, thanks junru ^_^. Now I understand why did you exclaimed wanting to buy the 'drawing thing' last time at akasia. It's quite hard to draw using mouse, it made me looks like I have a Parkinson's disease. Yeah, my siblings are coming this Saturday. I wonder, where should I shove them all. Hope you'll do well in your exam tmrw. Well, I don't blame you for reading the posts, I know that they are tempting. hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. zal. don't get stressed out too much. work hard,play hard (this time) :D. good luck for the test especially drug MOA! :D

Tanak wagu said...

palupa ba tu driver tu~

Miki Aya said...

Haha..many things were settled, so i'll live rai. thanks anyway.

ya ba jack, pelupa kali tu uncle. or salah paham kali dia tu. haha