2 Jan 2011


Happy New Year! Be blessed!

For the fact that I am still living,
 I am tremendously grateful,
 And to be able to see all of you smiling,
 I am immensely thankful.

Being given another chance in this lifetime,
 knew that I am not that kind,
 So I am saying sorry for all the times,
 That I have ever crossed the line.

It was not that long since I am in this world,
 But I have known one thing for sure,
 Everybody have their issues to hurl,
 So there is no telling the future.

However, at this moment in time,
 I can only wish the best for everyone,
 No matter what happen next time,
 The present is our number one.

Kick-start this 2011 with your very best,
 With prayers, and laughter, and everything nice,
 So instead of giving you more test,
 God will bless you with worthy prize.

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