11 Jan 2011


Dearest Fenn,

It felt like it was only yesterday since our first met. We were not good friends before, just a colleague. You were just that new girl in school, and I was just that girl with a don't-dare-to-talk-to-me written all over her face. I knew, I am not the kindest of a person could be. That was....five years ago? No? Six?

I wonder what would it be like if you've never enrolled to our school. Sumandak will just be another word with no special meaning (I mean, special, special). My mom and I would never have gotten a ride back home from your dad. That dance during our spm could have been just a dream. Admittedly, many things happened in my life because of you. Many great things did, and know that I would not trade these for any other.

You, such a nice girl, with a smile always planted on your lips is the best of a friend could be (Not that the rest of my friends are not the best). I just can't think of a better version of you. Please, stay as you are. Natural, like what you would like it to be called.

Forgive me, for all these years. Whatever I did, that hurts you, I was hurt too. I am truly blessed that God has led me to you, and you are truly blessed to be able to get through another year as my friend, because I know I am not that easy to deal with. I pray that this year will be another year filled with joy for you. I pray for your success, in your study, your love life, and in your faith. 

God Bless you, Fenn.

xo, zal


Anonymous said...

zalllllllllllllll.......sy sngt terharu.....huhuhuhu............ tenQ....tenQ....n tenQ again.....syng zal...hehhe....^____^ ~LOVE,Fenny (11.1.11)~

Anonymous said...

Ooh ~ happy birthday kpd cik penn kita! :DD

p/s: shumil la pic sumandaks itu. hahahaha

Miki Aya said...

Sayang fenn....muah muah muah

Anonymous said...

oya, bru sy prasan..dlm gmbr sumandak tu, ada 2org yg ko lukis kicil...adakah sengaja atau mmng terlukis bg2...hehehhe..~LOVE,Fenny~

Miki Aya said...

yes fenn, sy memang sengaja, dan sedang menanti untuk orang perasan pasal tu benda. aft rai pny komen p/s: shumil la pic sumandaks itu. hahahaha, sikit lagi sy mo kemukakan soalan "ko perasan ka sy sngaja lukis teri n lie lbh significant sna" ha ha.