31 Oct 2011

My Friend; EdBon

Today is my friend's birthday.

I call him EdBon.

He's only slightly 'chubbier' than me, so he calls me JalMuk.

We've been friends for about six years now (I think). That's pretty long....however, can't beat the times I've spent with my girlfriends though (2002-still counting).

We don't text/call every day. We don't even contact each other for several months, but can still be friends. *Ha Ha*

He'll fight with his girlfriends, and ask for my opinions. Of course, since I'm usually a bad person, I'll ask him to break up, and find a new one. Well, it has never worked that way though. *Grins*

I've remembered telling him that I was like a paracetamol in his life. He'll only seek for me when he had problems.

Panadol KK.

True enough that this kind of friendship looks so much like it was never meant to be, since I've never made the effort to seek for him either. So much like the chocolate chips in a chipsmore (chocolate cookie). Now-you-see-me-now-you-don't kind of relationship. *Laughs*


He's probably working hard at the academy right now, that he had been going MIA for a month now.

Anyway, since he used to like reading my blog, I'll just wish him Happy Birthday here.

A birthday cake for you.
(It was from before, but I'm reusing the photo.) *Ha Ha*

I've never have a friend like him, who regardless of how harsh the way I talk, he will never keep it in his heart. (Maybe he did, but at least he had never shown me that.) @_@

These days, true friends are hard to find, so I'm treasuring mine right now. The same applies to all of you too, yeah?

Right, take care people!

p/s: EdBon is short for Edward Gulombon (Fat Edward) :)


Melissa Gilbert said...

happy burfday too kwn zalia!!hehehe!!zal,if u got the time,kasi sa resepi ko!!mcm sdap neee!!

Miki Aya said...

Haha. cuba ko google 'joy of baking', mel. chocolate cake dia suma sedap2. :) dr sna la sy dpt recipe slalu.


ana.faraqien said...

Happy Birthday to your fren. what a cute name he had. hahaha.

Yup. true friends is hard to find these days. Luckily i had mine. and i'm treasuring them too. my sweet-sassy-naughty-pretty-adorable friends whom i adore so much! :D

i hope you had a great day over there. and the chocolate cake you made looks so yummeh! :)

take care, you :)

sarah lysa reynolds said...

aaahhhahaa. c gaman. :)

Miki Aya said...

ana: thank you! he'll appreciate that. :) the cake was surprisingly tasty, regardless of how deformed it was. hehe.

winn: ya bah. c gaman. betapuk dia skang.