28 Oct 2011

The Kindness Of A Stranger

Hello people!

I've felt like today was a very good day. Why?

I've became quite forgetful these days. Sometimes, I've even felt like my whole body was working in an autopilot mode, that I hardly used my brain. *laugh*

So, I went to the disabled toilet, and left my phone there unknowingly. (I am able, so I know that I shouldn't, but it was nearest to the lab, plus there was currently nobody fitting to the description to use the toilet)

I was doing the extraction of caffeine when suddenly a lab technician came to our work bench, asking;
"Zalia, have you lost something?"

I haven't been polishing my talent for drawing in a very long time, so you'll see some hint of 'Parkinsonism' in the drawings :)

I panicked for a while, while patting every corner of my pockets, trying to think what I might have lost. Not being able to remember a thing, I've rushed to my locker, while the man followed me quietly from behind.

As I turned the key, a thought suddenly struck me.
"My phone!"

He took out my phone from his pocket with a smile, saying;
"I did not found your phone. Someone else did."

I looked at him, while profusely saying thank you.

Then, he seems to came with a realization, that he explained;
"How did we know that this phone is yours?"

Obviously that's the case, since I've had a password on my phone.

"Well, we saw the text from your friend, so we've tracked him down, and he told us that this phone belongs to you."

That's my phone there.

I am so grateful for that person who honestly gave this up to the authority. You are one of the best kind of a person.

Another thanks goes to my friend, Shunya, who had sent me a text, saying that he won't make it to the lecture today for he was running late. *grin*

That's for now.
So, stay in one piece until we meet again next time!


Wency Elizabeth said...

it happened to me quite often..but i was lucky, coz i was able to rescue my phone in the end..

Bellalong said...

i lost my phone, recently. and when i try to call my phone, it goes to voice mail. heih. lucky for u, u got ur phone back. unlike me. wuwuwu~ i hope the person who got my phone now, not be able to use it. hahahaha.

Samantha said...


sarah lysa reynolds said...

bestnya klu dulu time nfn sy hilang tu ada org kc blk. hoho.

Armstrong said...

Is that an Iphone hahaa.

Wow so nice of that person. I like these kind of people hehee. Because someone didn't give back my phone once :P

Happy Saturday Miki!

Miki Aya said...

wen: thank goodness you did! i couldn't imagine how depressing it would have been if the phone really goes bye bye.

along: i am so sorry to hear that. the person who took your phone should have more heart than that. i sure wish that he/she isn't able to use the phone anyway. it wouldn't be fair to you.yeah, i'm a fortunate, i must admit. thanks.

samantha: yeah, that's true :)

winn: klu ilang d msia, susah ckit mo beharap la kan winn... huhu... xpa bah, ada sdh fon bru kan jg?

Miki Aya said...

arms: that's an Aphone there. made by the banana company. no, i'm kidding. lame, i know. yeah, it is. got it 2nd hand from my oh-so-glorious bro. hehe. and, yeah! the people at my school have their heart at the right place. not all of them, but still....

anyway, i'm sorry that you have to experience that loss. :(

simpodonvilla said...

bagus la dpat hp balik, klu sini hilang 50-50 juga dapat, dulu ttingal hp dlm teksi on the way to batu 3 sumakai train, sakali nolihuan dlam teksi nahaa terpaksa po pigi giant, dri pagi smpai petang tunggu teksi bagi balik, nasib juga la tu teksi kasi balik, tpi minta duit la, kalau d sabah just say thank you, terima kasih or pounsikou durang terima saja, ni mo minta duit, nga xpa yg penting dpat hp balik...
bad omen betul 1.1.2011.. sudah lah 31.12.2010 c tama momisunud jangan keluar 1hb nda juga dingar, otill betul, sejak dri tu nda sudah lupa hp...hahaha