2 Nov 2011

I can't.

Hi people!

I've watched one of the Final Destinations before, but I couldn't remember which one was it. 
However, there was a scene when a lady was killed in the shower. She was taking her shower, standing up, inside the bath tub, when she suddenly fell due to some 'evil force'. Her neck was caught onto the shower curtain's wire, and so she was choked to death.

This is how our shower looks like in High Kingsdown.

Can you guess what am I about to write now?

Sunday evening, I was trying to wash my hair, so I have to stand inside the bath tub (at position X).
When I was trying to reach my shampoo and conditioner at the far left of the toiletries, I felt it coming; the 'evil force'!
I fell inside the bath tub, left shoulder first!

I was lucky, I was not in Final Destination.

My neck wasn't caught on any wire, thankfully; but, boy, was it painful! I've wailed in my not-so-soprano-voice, but continued with the washing of my hair like nothing happened.

I went out of the shower afterwards, and peeked into my friend's room; the one right next to the shower. 

Me: I fell inside the bath tub.
Her: I heard! It was loud, and I thought that you've just dropped stuffs inside the tub.
Me: It was me. Not some stuffs. Ha ha.
Her: So, did you cry? Ha ha. Did you? Did you cry?
Me: Obviously not. Ha ha.

I left.

The day after; Monday. I was preparing myself for shower.
To my dismay, I can't bend my left hand to take off my clothes. Ha ha!


However, I can't possibly ask for help, can I?

I'll just have to bear with it for now.Though, I can't even take my shower in peace now.
Anyway, please don't fall down in the shower, okay?



Aki said...

By the height of my body,If I fell,the Bathtub will surely broke,instead of me.. Ha ha ha.. What?? Cant open your tut?? ah,ko buka ja macam baju besa,tia boleh meh?? ha ha ha..

Wency Elizabeth said...

That happened to me once. OK. twice. actually several times. I was like 'aduii', then continued my shower..haha.. the bathroom was slippery. when I was on the floor all i could think of was, that a dream..lol.

Wency Elizabeth said...

Should always be extra careful next time..

ana.faraqien said...

ohmygod. sakitnya! memang dapat bayangkan juga camna sakitnya time ko jatuh tu sebab pernah jadi camtu juga dulu! LOL!

be careful next time and take care! :D

Anonymous said...

Ouch Zal. Be more careful next time. i always try to avoid standing up in a bathtub. i guess i've watched too many movies. haha. anyway, glad you're all right

Aemy Shamy said...

that's also how the showers look like in several hotels here..which are, less safe..unless there's rubber mat to avoid slippery. ohh poor you darling...i hope the pain will go away quickly. thankfully there ain't something worst happen. like in that movie. ugh. God forbid. be careful next time yeah!

Miki Aya said...

aki: haha! mungkin jg la tu bath tub bleh pecah....or, u'll knock your head on the wall 1st instead. that will surely hurt waaaaay more! :) my ***? hahahaa..... bleh buka sdh bah. men paksa ja :)

wen: yeah. we should be really careful next time. i'm thinking of placing a rubber mat inside the bath tub so it'll be less slippery. i'm not planning to fall a 2nd time. :)

ana: ahahahaha. it was really painful! i'm sorry that you had to go through the same experience. we were in the same boat, aye mate? thanks anyway. i'll be extra careful in the future. :)

rai: hahaha.... x blh o x standing..... blh jg la kasi turun tu shower thingy. tp, trus x kuat ni pressure tu air. x best mo mandi. melekat d dinding la sambil mandi nti. haha. thanks!

aemy: yeah. the hotels should be more risk-free. well, especially if they are expensive. thank goodness nothing like final destination happened. i was really terrified. haha. anyway, thanks! i'll remind myself to be more cautious soon. :)

Meitzeu said...

Aiya!!! Please becareful okay!!??

Bathroom always makes me fall too!! I know how that's feel!!


Armstrong said...

Oh my Miki... that was terrifying. Please don't try to imitate a scene of one of the craziest movie :P Wakakaa jk.

Thankfully, I always lied down on the bathtub whenever I bathe in one. Probably scared I'll slip or something hahaa.

Happy Tuesday, Miki!