18 Nov 2011


Hiya people!

Have you read a book, or watch a movie, where good looking man was sometimes addressed as beautiful, and good looking lady was sometimes addressed as handsome?

Seriously? A moustache?

I've always wondered how would they actually look like, and why would they be called as beautiful/handsome?

I don't know.... big eyes+long eyelashes?

I was with David, walking towards our organic workshop, when we saw a group of people were standing just outside the room. I casually asked why were they standing outside, instead of going inside. The tallest guy, next to the door, turned to me, smiled, and said; "I don't know. I guess it's fun to be a follower sometimes. Doing whatever others were doing,"

The 'Beautiful Guy'.

I was stunned, taken aback by his features. I would definitely call him beautiful, and I'm serious. I don't want to look like a lunatic, or a psycho (they are equivalent to each other anyway), but I must say this: his skin is fair, and flawless, long eyelashes, sharp nose, medium length, curly hair, tall, and well built!

He could surpass most girls out there (including me, of course), and I can't take it. *giggles*
I mean, how can a real man, be more beautiful than a girl?

Whenever I saw him, I'll be like an examiner, staring at him, trying to find his not-so-beautiful-feature.


My friend and I call him the 'beautiful guy' since we were not so sure about his name. Well, another friend of mine knew him and told us his name.... Ludwig van Beethoven or something (no, I'm kidding). Regardless, we still call him the 'beautiful guy', since it adds up the fun.

Ludwig van Beethoven, lucare.com

I just need to ask this; have you ever known a beautiful guy, or a handsome girl before?

Right! Take care love!


Aki said...

oh,si Aki nda tebayang muka ko,so hm.... rasanya beautiful guy memang banyak.. ^_^.v.. terutama korean..

Winnie Irene said...

saya rasa saya hensem o. haha.

Aemy Shamy said...

haha. i've seen beautiful guys a lot of time. the koreans, for example. they're not handsome, they're beautiful! i haven't found handsome ladies yet... :p

Melissa Gilbert said...

damnnn!!U SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PIC!!!u just lost me a beautiful guy to have a looksie!!im enraged!!lol!

Miki Aya said...

aki, sy mmg x hensem. hahaha....

winn..... ko teda moustache... ko x hensem, tp cantik. hahaha :)

aemy, i usually thought of the korean guys (celebrities) to look more gay-ish than beautiful.... hehe :)

mel, i want to! i really do! but, that'll make me look more like a psycho, won't it?

san said...

Ahhh I know him! He used to be in the same hall as me and he was in my tutorial group. He's a really nice and funny guy! You macam fangirl lol.

Anonymous said...

yes, i have but i called them pretty boys. Hahaha.

By the way, the last time i went to your blog, 'pokeng was here' was all that i can see on the notebook screen. i thought there was a hacker or something. everything's fine now i guess? :)

Miki Aya said...

omg yisan.... don't tell him this. haha xx

rai, pretty boys sounds a little too young for me :).... and yeah, i guess that my blog was hacked. i've deleted everything else from my blog to remove that 'pokeng was here'.

san said...

hahahaa dont worry :)

Armstrong said...

Guys like that... Korean movies for sure ;D But I dunno where to find them handsome ladies. Probably a policewoman hahaa.

Happy Tuesday Miki!