17 Nov 2011

A bulldozer; I am.

Hello there!

Do you still remember about my joining the netball team?

Yes, it's pink! We've borrowed this from the Singaporean team.

A couple of weeks before the game at Nottingham, we had another practice match with the Singaporean team. I'm a total beginner, I've told you that much. However, to add to that, I am reckless, and...... buff....?

Muscle lady....?

The whistle was blown, the opposing centre stepped into the circle, eyes wide open, hands holding the ball.

We were playing half a court, and all the blobs were our heads (aerial view).

She threw the ball to my left, to the someone from the opposing team. My so-called-quick-reflexes jump-started my engine, and caused me to run to the left, trying to intercept the ball. What I didn't notice was, the WA running from the back to the same spot,since she was so small.

I was thinking that the scene should have been probably looked like this.

Then it happened; BAM! She was thrown to the back as if she was just hit by a bull. I turned to her, and saw her moving in slow-motion; a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-o-o-o-u-u-u-h-h-h-h.

The slow-mo-replayed....

She hold the right side of her face, and said; "OMG! I can still feel the impact of that collision,". She gave me 'the' look, and my face literally turned blue.
Never knew that I was that strong! I could kill someone with that! I can only offer her an infinite amount of apologies (...and a telepathic signal: never underestimate the power of a beginner).

I wonder if it has really worked....

I was practically traumatized by that experience, that I was afraid to run into a 'scene' in a game. It was affecting my already-bad-performance seriously.

Three days before the match, we've played another practice game among ourselves. This time, I hit our own WA on her knee! I can't believe this! How reckless can I be?

The night before the game, our WA posted in facebook, saying that she was still limping, and unable to play with us the next day! Right then, I was extremely worried that I could have jinxed the team, I can only pray for the best for our team.

Bulldozer really befits me, yeah?


Stay in one piece until we meet again!


Aki said...

ha ha ha.. :-p.. ko memang terbaik la.. Err,dulu pun sa ada perasaan bersalah tu waktu basketball.. tapi bila sa tau yang accident do happen in a game,sa tia peduli sudah.. so,the bulldozer aki is once a legend.. tapi tida la tebuang macam tu kawan ko tu.. ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

Blackcurrant said...

OMG.. The way you described what happened to the opponent you "accidentally" pushed back is hilarious. XD

You're really a bulldozer. I dont dare play netball, no, anything with you after this. T_T

ANA said...

HAHAHA. Dont worry, dear you. Netball players always does that. Memang nature main bola jaring la tu kalau langgar2 dan buat orang sakit sana sini. Nah. U din jinxed the team, dont worry. Even me always does that, but really, if u think that u jinxed ur team, stop it right now. ALL NETBALL PLAYERS DOES THAT EVERYTIME THEY PLAYS. :))

Hope you had a great time and i wish u all the best! :)

Miki Aya said...

aki, mmg btl2 mcm tu bah sy tnampak tu girl tebuang p blkg. lucu ni... tp, rsa brsalah jg la... haha

nat, hahahahaaa.... sy hebat sdh bah skg. teda lg tu mcm tu..... mungkin la :)

ana, you are right! many were injured during the real match. netball can be so tensed! i was at it pretty hard too.... loads of body contact. hehe :)

Aemy Shamy said...

you're a wonder woman!! hehehe. oh poor her...maybe she's too weak, or you're too strong. hehe. good for you to do sports, i haven't involve in any sports for ages..huhu....

Melissa Gilbert said...

u r the WD,i presume,right?jgn risau,org bahagian defense mesti jht2...lol!

Miki Aya said...

Aemy dear, no I'm not...but I do pity her. She doesn't deserve the hit!

Mel, I was a centre then.... hehe.... short+fast :)