3 Dec 2011


Hello all :)

We've held a house-warming at our place a few weeks back on a weekend.

When I think about it back, I thought this to myself: why do we have to bother with arranging a house-warming when we can spend the whole day lazing around on our warm beds?

The answer is: we wanted to test our cooking skill.
The result is: we are exceptionally good cooks! (I'm joking. No, really. Am I?)

Look at how cute it is! It's for the cheesecake's flavouring.

Malaysian foods.

Foods! Glorious foods!

A couple of friends stayed until late that night. So, when one of them went back, he forgot to bring along his phone with him.

Wearing these, my friend and I ran through the night to return the phone to the rightful owner.

You can imagine right now, how odd people will find us running wild on the road :)

Anyway, please don't leave your phone around, ok?

Take care!


Wynda said...

mandak.... FOODS^^ yummy:P:P

Aemy Shamy said...

waa so many foods!! yummy! it's winter now, right?
hey very nice outfits!! but where are the faces..? hehe..
i love the pink coat.. ^^

Armstrong said...

That person forgot his Samsung Galaxy S2?! OMG. And he forgot to take off the ori screen protector izit? ;D Wakakaa.

And how in the world could those chips be left like that. If I was one of your guests, I would devour all that. But must have tomato sauce la. ;D

Miki Miki, do join my tag ya.
I know you probably won't show your face but I'll just tag and see what happens. Wuahahaa.

Happy Wednesday!

Miki Aya said...

Wyndut: ya bah.... foods! menggumuk ja keja sy ni d cni:0

Aemy: It is winter right now, and it is unbearable! oh no..... thanks for the compliment, but I've sensored the faces for I am a person with a very small self-confidence :)... The pink coat belongs to my friend (she's a vietnamese). haha :)

Arms: He didn't forgot his Samsung....but a Blackberry torch.... that samsung was my housemate's phone, and yeah.... it was new at that time.... explained the protector :).... actually, those photos were from early on.... I mean, after the party, you can only see plates left :).... Tell you what, I did upload a photo of me on my recent post....but, I delete it after a few days..... hahaha.... I'll see what I can do about your tag :)