25 Dec 2011

I'm happy, You should too :)

Hiya people!

I just came back from a week vacation with friends, and I am still in the process of rejuvenating myself. However, as lethargic as I am, I can't help but feeling so happy about the fact that it's Christmas!

Some people celebrates Christmas religiously, but others are just celebrating it commercially. Regardless of which one you are, it's no doubt that it is a season to be jolly.

I want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas on this special occasion. If there was any instance where my posts, or words, or actions have hurt you, please note that none of those were my intentions. My brain just works a little bit slower than my body.

I won't be able to celebrate Christmas with my family again this year, but at least, I have friends who are kind enough to invite me over for a Christmas dinner. Thanks!

If you are alone this year, I'll pray for joy and solemnity in your heart, and I hope that the best will soon come to you. You are (actually) never alone. God is always there, next to you.

Take care, and I'll be writing more soon!



simpodonvilla said...

kotobian tadau krismas mandak..god bless...

ANA said...

you closed your eyes in this pic, did you? hoho. still it's a lovely one. love the beach and glad to hear that u r having a good time with ur friends! happy holiday :)

Aemy Shamy said...

ah no wonder u've been missing. haha. merry xmas, my friend! & happy holiday!!! :D