11 Dec 2011

A breather x)

Hiya people!

I woke up late today. Guilty :(

It's funny though. The first thing that hits my mind when I woke up was that; I have to go to the gym (no matter what). All the calories have to go! Muahaha....

I've been crazy busy since the first day of term, but I have been thinking (always) that, I need to cut myself some slack (once in a while). So, I went out skating today. It was a good fun.

Passed by the Christmas' market on our way to a diner.

Aren't they lovely? I would frame them (and not eat them).

On the way back, instead of walking up the dreadful Malborough Hill;

Don't be fooled by the photo. IT IS a long, steep hill.

.....we've made a detour through Bristol Royal Infirmary. My first time, to be exact.

These are photos taken from a walkway inside the hospital, called "The Bristol's Walkway".....or something like that. x)

Winter break is coming in a week, can't wait! I'll be writing more soon!

Take care people!


Anonymous said...

if that is the hospital, i think i won't mind staying there for a day or two. lol ;). anyway, are those chocolates? i don't think i could bring myself to eat them too. too lovely to be eaten. Ahahahaha.

Winnie Irene said...

ih. cantik lah the pics.. wahhh... klu hari2 sy nek tu bukit yg ko bilang tu.. cnfrm i menten slim wo. hehehe. iya la. sy pn myb x mo makan o tu. coklat ka??? to nice to be eaten. haha!

MizzYueyuesyah said...

are u coming back home for xmas ? :)

Miki Aya said...

rai, truth to be told, the BRI is a very, VERY old hospital. From the outside, the hospital looks reaaaaally haunted..... Inside (the wards) they were believed to be haunted..... I've heard rumors of demolishing and complaining about the hospital.....

rai & winn, iya bah..... chocolates tu made by the Germans......sy pun x mo mkn ni klu sy.....tlampau cantik kan..... tp, sedap btl bau dia ni :)

winn, everytime balik dr town....mst pnjt tu bukit.... x jg kuar p town hr2 kan.....jd, x la pnjt bukit hr2....its ok :) hahaha tp, mmg menguji kesabaran btl o tu bukit.....

Mz Yuyue, sad to say.....i'm not going back for christmas. will be celebrating christmas here in bristol. i'm excited for winter break because it's holiday, and holiday is a luxury :)

Aemy Shamy said...

cool pictures!! especially the mural paintings...oh i love em! cant believe it's in hospital..wow! so creative!