30 Dec 2011

My Dad and I

Hi ho!

Who doesn't love their dad? I don't. Ha ha! Well I used to not loving my dad. Weird huh? I bet, you'll be the same if you have him as a dad. Ha ha! Well, worry not my loves. I like him now, and I kinda respect him too.

He finally wore that red t-shirt.

When I was younger, I never dared to speak to my dad. So, there was once I have to write down my full name on my books. Unfortunately, I have no idea on how to spell my dad name. I need to ask him that, but I was so scared, that I can't even talk in front of him, resulting in him getting angry at me......
I don't remember how did I manage to write down my full name after that, but I did.

Doesn't look all that scary no more, does he?

Since I went to boarding school, he never hit me any longer (as far as I can remember). So, I think, that was why I found him less intimidating, and I was able to speak to him more (at times). I've remembered this conversation I had with him;

Dad: Pa macam la keputusan ko baru-baru? (How was your result recently?)
Me: Ok juga tu. (It was ok.)
Dad: Bukan ko p hantar tai' ja ka tu sana? (You didn't just go there to shit, didn't you?)
Me: Manada. (No, I didn't.)
Dad: Mana tau, kalau-kalau ko ni budu. (Who knows if you are stupid.)
Me: Manada saya budu. (I'm not stupid.)
Dad: Kalau saya dulu, masa saya birak pun saya bawa buku o. (When I was younger, I even brought a book to the toilet.) Sebelum saya tidur pun, saya berabis lagi ingat balik semua yang saya sudah baca. (I will even try to remember everything I've read just before I go to bed.) Saya belajar sampai umur 13 tahun saja, tapi, dapat juga jadi cikgu. (I've only learnt in school until I was 13 years old, but I manage to become a teacher.). Bapa saya dulu bukan mo bagi saya duit untuk p sekolah. (My dad never gave me money to school.) Tapi, tidak tahu la apa mo jadi sama kamurang ni. (I don't know what will happen to you all.)
Me: Jangan risau bah pa. (Don't worry dad.) Nanti, lepas saya sudah kerja, saya balas juga budi ko. (I'll pay back all your deeds, once I've gotten a job.) Ko sabar ja. (Just be patient.)

I have to say that my dad always gave me that same story ever since I was small. He is one hell of a dad. Always hitting us. Always scolding us. However, I would have never be the same if he hadn't do that. Ha ha!

Thank you dad!


ANA said...

OMG. what a tragic story you had there :'( untuk tulis post sebegini perlukan kekuatan yg cukup untuk ingat balik apa yg dia pernah cakap sama ko.

Hang in there and return back as someone yang dia boleh banggakan :)

Miki Aya said...

Haha :) I'm not that strong ana.... it's just that, I'm so used to it, that it doesn't feel so bad anymore :)

Cherrie.Mia said...

i just hate my dad but sometime i do miss him and think about him maybe some lil time.

tiara.dryden said...

i guess 'old-school' parents are always that strict. even my late grandpa used to be soooo strict towards my mom and her siblings. even when she went to join the sport, he beat her saying that 'bukan dapat kasi makan ko tu'.

but come to think of it, they actually meant well i guess, trying to protect their children from becoming brats :). God bless them all! :)

Miki Aya said...

Cherrie, I guess most of us are not so close to our dads, aren't we?

Rai, mmg gila2 punya old school la bapa sy ni. Tp, btl jg la. Mmg tujuan dia utk mendidik kunu ni. haha :)