29 Dec 2011

My Momma and I

Ola amigos!

Who doesn't love their mom? I do, and wholeheartedly too! There are just so many things to laugh about when I'm around her, or when I'm on the phone with her.

My mom.... worried about my fat brother, drowning. Ha ha!

So, just before I went home last summer, I called her to talk about what she'd like me to buy for her....

Me: Nunu pokibolion nuh baino tih ma? (What are you asking me to buy this time, mom?)
Mom: Mokiboli oku doh tolipaun id milo pihid-pihidon doh soromin dau, om milo dah tonsok-tonsokon doh soromin dau. (I would like you to buy me a phone that you can swipe, and press on the screen itself).
Me: Hah? (Huh?)
Mom: Nunu kaka ngaran dau dih? Aipon? (What was the name again? Aipon (a.k.a Iphone)?)

Mom, I just love you! Ha ha!


b0m^2 said...


Anonymous said...

modern mama! Ahaha. tonsok-tonsokon juga la. hahaha. funny nya si auntie ni ;D

Cherrie.Mia said...

you made me go missing my mom a lot.
have you gave her the aipon?

Miki Aya said...

Rai, mcm2 ja mama sy tu :)

Cherrie, I gave a different phone, and she didn't like it. I missed her a lot :)