29 Dec 2011

A Lil' Sentimental....

Hi people!

There are just so many social web-pages these days, namely; Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Tumblr, etc. (the list goes on, and on.). We should be really connected through all these media, but.... sometimes, I've felt much more left out. Ha ha!

Honestly, I'm missing my friends a lot, like A LOT! I've been feeling a lot more distant with them these days.... People just don't share things/news/story with me any longer, so sometimes, I just don't know what to talk to others. Hm..... I wonder...

Flowers for you.


Winnie Irene said...

I miss you too! hey.. im always here la..! ym,fb, tumblr, skype sometimes and my blog.! there will always be a topic for us to joyahkan. no worries. p/s: sy mmg xda interesting story skrg. so dont feel like u are left behind, k?

take care kawan!:)xoxo

tiara.dryden said...

i miss you too! a lot, lot, lot and a lottt! i feel that way too, like not knowing what to talk to others.. it's kinda frustrating sometimes.. it makes me feel like i'm at the bottom of the social-skills pyramid. hmm..

i have lotsa things to tell ya but that will have to wait until i get a new notebook.. - i wonder when will i get it. lol ;)

ps: loving that flower :)