9 Mar 2012



Jenny wrote a number '4' on Harry's lab coat today, when Alastair suddenly added verbally 'inches'. I was squatting, looking at all the glasswares inside the drawers. Listening to Alastair's nonchalant 'joke', I looked up at him, puzzled at first, but laughed after a few seconds.

Get it?

Alastair looked at me, and joined in my laughter, while saying;
"She gets the joke! Oh my gosh! We've tainted her. You poor girl!"

I laughed more, when Alastair brought up the 'dirty lame joke' I made a week ago in lab, while insisting that they've tainted my 'pure and innocent' mind. They looked to me like elder siblings who were proud of their younger sister (because I'm the shortest) who are growing up now, when they keep on patting my shoulder, saying,
"Good job, babes!"

I'm really having fun in my labs these days, though I don't get to sit the whole day.

Peace, out!

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