20 Jan 2012

The look


I stood for an approximately 6 hours today, inside the lab. At 5pm, I barely managed to drag myself home.

To be honest, I don't think lab is all that bad. Well, the news spread faster in lab anyway, so you don't even have to bother clicking through BBC, or CNN.


However, I was just highly inspired to be unmotivated today. Why? Obviously because I just had my January exams. When? Oh, I don't know. Yesterday?

18/01/12 11.30
Yay! Exam is over!

18/01/12 18.30
Nay! Pre-lab! In-lab! LAB!

I did really bad in my pre-lab test (because, I played the guessing game), and I didn't even read anything for my in-lab. Ha ha! Who's the boss now?

Most of the time, when the demonstrator had to give us in-lab questions, I rarely manage to give good answers. The processor for my brain's hard disk was very outdated. So, it runs at a very slow rate. It's not my fault if my lab partners were able to answer the questions faster than me. Yeah? No?

So, when the demonstrator asked me about the mechanisms, and stuffs......
I was actually thinking......

Not being able to answer, is one thing. BUT! Being given *the look*, is another thing.
Do you know *that look*? The look that people gave you when they were thinking.....
"This kid doesn't know shit!"

THAT look right there.

Well, excuse me. I know shit. Okay?

Peace, out!


GIBREL said...

oh.. i know how that 'look' feels like :D

b0m^2 said...

hahahhahah siok :)

Aemy Shamy said...

oh i know that look! you know, i sometimes barely pay attention in class..the subject's just boring and the lecturer talked so fast. then when he's about to ask a question, i was like making a poker face. i'd been the victim, of course, i didn't know the answers..& everyone looked at me like "gosh, she's so stupid.." ugh..... :p

Miki Aya said...

Gib: haha. Rsa mcm mo timbak ja dorang semua.
Kulas: siok ka? Haha.
Aemy: oh, i really don't like it. It makes us miserable, ain't it?

Winnie Irene said...

haha.. tu la nama dia student. hey, how come ur drawing is so nice and unique a?? hoho

Anonymous said...

i know! hahaha. but like winni said, tu la nama dia student. LOL. by the way, b'bilang bahasa jg terima kasih ko ni antey. hahaha

Meitzeu said...

Haha :D Very cute illustration! :)

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Azeanthy Paiman said...

ouw,those cartoons really cute lorhh...

anyway,happy CNY=)

Tanak wagu(jack_L) said...

from my engineer's mind-ur writing is technically funny.i like it though.haha

Armstrong said...

The first drawing looks like you have wings to fly back home. LOL.

News? Can you give us some of them news. hehee. Gossip girls! or guys (hint of sex: hair length) Wakakaa.

Sooo you basically thought of you and your future-hubby each having your own bird flying on top of you both during a sunset or sunrise while you run to your car which my guess is a blue Prius to get back to your home sweet home which is just a few meters away from the car itself?
Hehee jk.

Shit! I know shit too. Actually, I know a few shits. Bullshit, chickenshit, bloodyshit, holyshit...

Wakakaa I'm having a good laugh inside my body while writing all this.

Happy Friday, Miki!

b0m^2 said...

Hahahahaha surunuk bah hahaha nanti sa pun mo lulukis la juga haha

Aki said...

ha h aha.. ini baru la.. paling manang.. bunyi macam teruk, tapi membaca dengan penuh perasaan indah oh.. :D

Miki Aya said...

Winn: Life as a student....bilang kan? He he. Sy guna mouse + paint ja ni utk drawing. begegar2 lg tgn. haha :p

Rai: iya bah. sy pun stuju ni. hehe. bahasa jiwa bangsa, dia bilang tu slogan kan. :p

meietzu: thank u :)

Azeanthy: Thanks! Though, I don't celebrate cny :)

Jack: I meant it to be that way. Can't be frowning too much, yeah?

Arms: The 1st one was just a bad drawing, and the rest follows. :p Yeah, the guys talk a lot in the lab. Like, A LOT. Ha ha! I was actually thinking of my home. Not exactly as depicted, but you've got the point. :p Yeah! We know shit! I'm happy that this made you laugh. :) Happy Thursday!

Aki: ha ha! x juga teruk btl bah. teruk jg la. tp, x sgt. eh, ha ha! warna warni kan :)