29 Jan 2012

In case, you are wondering...

Hello people!

Oh, yeah! It's photos' time. I rarely post a decent photo of myself on my site, for I'm a bit too paranoid. However, let's make an exception for today, okay? So, please bear with me.

Here goes.....

From a few years back.....

My brother, and I.

My sister, and I.

Sakura festival ~ INTEC

Sunway Lagoon.

Church of Divine Mercy.

Juniors' welcoming gathering ~ CDM

Batu Tiga

McD ~ Time Square

Sushi ~ Sunway Pyramid.

New Year's eve ~ Bristol.

Spring ~ Bath.

Summer ~ Sorinsim, with my niece.

Winter ~ Bristol

Winter ~ Faro.

Winter ~ Lisbon

Winter ~ Madrid

Winter ~ Alicante

Winter ~ Cotham Parish Church.

....to the most recent one.

Winter ~ My room.

Please stay in one piece, until we meet again! :p


cheewei said...

Ur hairstyle in intec time for the sakura fest really nice eh!!! i just saw that a few weeks ago in fb! hahah

MizzYueyuesyah said...

you are cute~~

Miki Aya said...

Cheewei: Was it? Ha ha! Thanks :)

Mizz: Thank you :) You are too :)

Wynda said...

mandak.... kiut ba ko^^ hehehehhe

Aki said...

and at last, lepas mencubuk2, akhirnya ada juga exception ko.. yeah.. hai cute girllllll... ehem2.. ^_^.v..