22 Oct 2012

Determined to jog.... aaaand, it's gone

Hello hello!

I went for a jog today. A VERY SHORT jog. hehe :p

Anyway, I've been thinking of jogging for quite sometimes now. However, taking into account the medium-sized hill I've got to hike  every time I have to go to school....

I thought, "maybe, not today."

So, today came, and I've realized that I've been very dormant in my room. A little toooooo passive, I may say?

I thought, "let's give jog a go." I was determined!

It started of plain....
I ran, and ran.
Then, I started to pant, and pant.
And the rain...
Keeps on pourin'.
So I said, "Oh, Man!"
I went back in.

See you soon! :p


Meitzeu said...

There's always excuses when we see the cloudy sky.

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Aemy Nadira said...

those yellow shoes are cute ;)
have a nice day!

Zalia said...

Yeah. Too much excuses will ruin my life. haha :p

Aemy, it's actually neon green. but, thank you all the same :) hehe