25 Nov 2012


Well, hello there random citizen!

I was in my deeper philosophical moment when I've suddenly thought of my course (Chemistry), and how people (usually) react on it...

People are more often than not, being skeptical whenever I talk about my course in  my university. 

When I say I am majoring in Chemistry, they will respond with something along these lines...

"What can you do with that degree?"
 "Oh my gosh! Are you going to make bombs?"

"Ha? What's that?"
"Just Chemistry?"

Ouch! That sure stings. I mean, not for me, but for them.
For them knowing so little of Chemistry, when it is so commonly used in our daily life.

The makeup that you apply on your face? That's chemistry.

The foods that you eat so heartily? That's chemistry.

The detergent that you use for your laundries maybe at least once a week? That's chemistry.

The colors that you can see all around you? That's chemistry.

The gas/petrol/diesel/oil that you fill into your car? That's chemistry.

The medicine that you eat when you are ill? That's chemistry.

....and many more.

Chemistry, and many other subjects/courses relate very closely to one's life. So, you should appreciate that.

Go figure! :)

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