30 Nov 2012

(30DBC) Day 01- 15 interesting facts about yourself


30DBC stands for = 30-days blog challenge.

So, today will be the first day of this challenge for me.

15 interesting facts about myself:

  1. A sucker for dog

2. An avid reader, so bought a Kindle


3. Final year Chemist, but don't know anything

4. Picked up guitar early this year, but can only play a few songs

5. Learned Japanese back at secondary school, but can no longer converse properly

6. Was an athlete, but can barely jog these days

7. Pretty strong (as in lifting things, and stuffs)

8. Have a 'Harry Potter' scar on the forehead

9. Easily angered, but not for long

10. Never knew how to apply make up on self, despite being a girl in her twenties

11. Currently giving up on rice

12. Buys flower for self, because nobody will

13. Having no problem treating good mates

14. Get bored easily

15. Get amazed easily

Yep! That's it. See you again, folks! :)

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