16 Oct 2012

Crazy Golf

Hi there.... people and aliens

Do you fancy playing golf?

I was never interested before (well, I've never even tried). However, yesterday was a spur of the moment kind of actions. After a couple of hours at the @Bristol, Suzanne and I went to have a try at crazy golf in Cabot Circus. It was so much fun!


Being the amateur that I was, I lost over an infinite number of shots for 2 courses (38 holes). The monkeys even booed and farted on me. Boohoohoo :(

I wasn't sad..... the fun that we had cancels it out! Yay!

50% student's discounted dinner at Tampopo to close off the curtain for the night!


Aemy Nadira said...

this reminds me of Mr Bean on the series of him playing golf..hehehe

With Love said...

Hi there again...its been such a long time I din visit ur blog.gosh,i alwasy love the way u blog..so English i must say..lol.

Zalia said...

Aemy, yeah! Now that you've mentioned it. He was so funny. I can never beat him though :(

Well, the same goes for me :(. I rarely blog these days. I'm not inspired enough...maybe? Or, I'm just too lazy. Haha :p