20 Sep 2011

Retarded-erupted-volcano-styled chocolate cake

Hello loves :)

I was at my sis' place, when I made an attempt in making another chocolate cake. However, it turns out a disaster. Not a horrible one, but still considered as a disaster for the cake was utterly deformed.

The cake, doesn't look like a cake at all (i think). It looks more like a retarded-erupted-volcano. I felt like it was going to burst open any time soon. So, when it has finished cooking, I am most grateful to the fact that it was content as being retarded; an unfinished business.

One good thing about baking at my sis' is this; hand mixer. I enjoy the privilege of not needing to use hard labour in mixing the ingredients.

In my defence, I would like to put most of the blame onto this kitchen scale. I think that it was broken. How else did I get the measurement wrong?

This is what I've used to bake my cake. I am a total amateur; not knowing how to operate this simple machine, resulting in my cake overly burnt.

I say 'Thank God', when this melted chocolate came to my rescue. At least, I can cover the deformed cake into something more......


It looks to me now, more like a pile of mud, rather than the volcano.

Ha ha! Take care!


tiara.dryden said...

yummy pile of mud. hahaha. hmm..ko ka yg first rasmi sgla p'alatan tu jal? hahaha

Aemy Shamy said...

yeaaa thx for the chocolate for being the savior..hehe...it still looks delicious! ^^

Melissa Gilbert said...

ko masak atas kuali?????

Miki Aya said...

rai: haha. not so yummy....i must say. the choc had became so hard, that we have to steel up our teeth to savour the cake.

aemy: the choc can only cover its' outer look. hehe..... never judge a cake by its' picture. :)

mel: hebat kan? haha. mahal kunu tu kuali tu, kakak sy bli. dorang pny oven pun sot sot ni. haha