16 Sep 2011

I'm a sucker for dogs. Period.

His name is Papi. Yeah, the Latino Papi. I have him since like forever. Okay, not exactly forever, but yeah, it was a pretty long period. He is a generation older than Darling, but he lasted longer than her. Something that I still can't quite grasp. Not that I don't love him enough, but he's a traitor!

Ever since my elder brother moved to his newly built house at my village, Papi spent more times there, compared to my place. It's........ I don't know. It just broke my heart to have Papi choose my brother over me, after so much love I've poured onto him since he was just a baby. Ahhhh! I feel like I'm in a broken relationship with Papi. What am I thinking?

Anyway, he's back now! I mean, he still visits my brother's house once in a while, but he spent most of his time sleeping under my house, inside my dad's Suzuki. His favourite car!
For the record; Papi will jump into the car every time he saw that the door was opened. If I'm not sitting on the front seat, he will especially choose the seat next to the driver as his spot.

Enough with Papi for today.
Hold your breath, for I will bore you all to death with stories about my dogs for a little while more.


Red Cherry and Avocado said...

Papi it sounds latino to me. I have a dog called Mikey and Eppe. But I've lost them like 7 years ago. I still think about them once in a while.But i was regretted for not having any of their photo taken.

Wency Jelson said...

hi aya..where have u been? what have u been up to lately?? hihi..

tiara.dryden said...

hahahaha. i know how u feel. but at least papi is back again ;D

Miki Aya said...

Samantha; I'm sorry for your loss. I think I understand really well, the feeling of having lost a dog. Especially the precious one.

Wency; I was at home. Went out for a little bit with my family and friends, but mostly with my brothers, and nephew. Hehe. Currently at my sis' place at km, but will be going home later in the evening.

Rai; Yeah. At least he's home now. That's a really good thing.