24 Feb 2012

My Ibanez

Hey people!

Many of my friends (girls especially), have been playing guitar pretty well these days, and I'm envious of them. 

I've bought myself a keyboard last autumn at a car-boot sale, but to date, I can only play #1) fur elise, #2) mary has a little lamb, #3) birthday song. Say what???

Can you spot my 8 pounds keyboard? :p

I don't think that I've got that much talent, or determination in playing a keyboard, so, I was thinking of giving up. Then, my term-ly allowance came in, and I've bought myself a brand new guitar online, after giving it a long hard thought.

On the way back home last Wednesday, I was talking to my friend about the guitar that I've bought, and how glad would I be if it came today. So, when I opened the front door, I saw a big box at our living room. I knew instantly that it was mine! I jumped, and laughed hysterically, while hugging the big box, and my friend can only shake her head.

I've told you that it's big. :p Imagine me hugging this box.

It's such a beauty, and I love it already!

It came with a gig bag, and some other accessories, so it was a really good bargain.

I've got one formal report waiting to be handed in, that midnight, so I didn't have the time to waste to adore my guitar. However, once I've submitted the report at around 9 that night, I went straight for my guitar and started strumming randomly. I have no basic in playing a guitar at all, so buying an Ibanez was driven more by envy, and the fame that might come after becoming a guitar pro later. *grins*

I played before I went to bed on Wednesday, and played again before my class on Thursday. Well, you can't really call it playing, for all I do was learning the four basic chords for the song "Fall for you" by Secondhand Serenade.

I was a bit feverish that day, so I went to bed pretty early, and had planned on not waking up until morning. However, I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of someone taking out my laundries from the washing machine. So. I got up and switched on the light. Upon seeing my guitar next to my bed, I went back to bed, and started strumming again, forgetting all about my laundries inside the laundry bag. :p

I'm starting to get the hang of it, and I've this funny thought that I might just have talent in learning how to play a guitar. Haha :p

I'll practice every day, and might just do a youtube cover, and be as famous as Kinna Granis in the future.

Dream on, baby!



Aki said...

ha ha ha.. buduh.. lawak2.. sot o ko.. tapi yeah, sa pun belajar men sendiri ja ba.. teda urang ajar, even sa tia bulih baca tab pun, sa just main ikut suka sa ja.. but Ibanez, eeeyy, kasi try saya!! :D

Melissa Gilbert said...

i reckon u r quite free today kan..psl byk gilak post ko jal!!anywayyy,who's the sweet guy???

Aemy Shamy said...

i dont even know how to hold a guitar properly :p
i was in piano lesson before, but i quit bcoz it disturbed my study..now i regret it so much..i should've continued it..huhu..
i'd like to hear u strumming ;)

Miki Aya said...

aki: bah! sama la :p hehe...

mel: hehehe....was quite free! ain't he the sweetest?

aemy: it's not too late to learn again now! i'd like to record myself strumming soon too! hehe :)