18 Feb 2012

I love flowers :)


I'm guessing that most girls would have dreamt of getting a surprise bouquet of flower on Valentine's day, or on any day at all. Do you agree? Well, I am. I mean, I love flowers. Sometimes, I do think that the act of giving flowers is not practical at all. However, I am a hopeless romantic, so I am easily beaten by the beauty of the flowers, and the sweetness behind the giving of a flower itself. *shy*

Tell you what, I've received one on Valentine's, right towards the end of the day.

I was utterly surprised when I opened the door, to see a guy with a list on his hand, asking whether or not he had gotten the right house. When I saw my name on the list, my heart was beating fast in anticipation. It beats faster when I saw the same guy came back with a bouquet of flower in his hand!

There wasn't even a name on the card! Mysterious much?
Though, I have to admit that it was such a lovely surprise. *bliss*

p/s: how was your valentine's?


Writing From Far said...

what a surprise. I love surprises he he. Ni mesti peminat yg malu2x ni kan.

Miki Aya said...

I love surprises too! There's no name written on the card, but I think I know who sent me the flower :)