13 Feb 2012

My room needs a shower


I've been thinking of sorting out my room since the start of the week, but I was just too lazy! I just don't think that anyone could compete with this-lazy-me. I woke up an hour before class every day during the weekdays, so I have just enough time to take a shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. I can't believe that I was living like that! Worst, I don't even make my bed!

Well, my bed will look a little worse than that.

As I get back from school every day, I'll simply pour the inside of my bag onto my desk, and toss the empty shell on the floor. In the afternoon, I'll head to the gym, wearing a bigger bag than my school bag. So, when I came home an hour or so later, it was just as expected that the bag will be treated as equal to my school bag. On the floor you go!

 Same goes with this case :p

As each day passed by, I have to witness first hand on how my washed and unwashed laundries increases on the armchair, and inside the laundry bag. I originally put the fresh laundries on the bed, with the thought of folding them nicely later on. However, the pure and innocent thought has remained a thought. When the time for bed came, I can only carry all of them to the armchair next to my bed.

I know you've done this before too!

The worsening of these problems is directly proportional to the level of my stress. It came to an extent, where I can't take it any longer. My room really needs a shower! So today, I've put my thoughts into actions! Though, I have to admit I'm still too lazy to fold my laundries.

The solution:
Hide all the laundries inside the fleece, where I couldn't see them!

Keep them under the bed!

Okay, I'm kidding. I did hid them like this for a while, until I gave up, and started to keep them properly.

Went inside the sheet to fix my duvets.

Duvet all covered, on the floor!

All good now! :)

Still not flawless, but, acceptable!

I've even vacuumed and sprayed my room with an air freshener, so, I can breathe easy now.

*Moral of the story: Keep your life in order.

Cheers, love!


Melissa Gilbert said...

u r soooo like me!!!congrats!u've got a friend in me!!LOL!

Aemy Shamy said...

housekeeping! hehe..u havent saw my room yet..its like a dungeon..hehe..

Aki said...

Ok.. ha ha ha.. so, our room is totally different.. Sa punya barang semua totally in place, and tia bulih berubah.. but Bed, I think worse than U la.. teruk gila2 ni.. ha ha ha.. sa sembarang ja tu kalau katil.. :D

over my twenty years said...

cantik lemari kau... :) :)

Miki Aya said...

Mel: oh, yeah baby! hahaha :p

aemy: now, I don't feel so bad any more :p

aki: fuyoh aki. bagus2. skg, jarang mo jumpa org yg rajin kasi bersih bilik :p

over my 20 years: cantik ka? haha. tua bangka sdh tu :p *sy rsa la*