1 Feb 2012

I want to be a cat......?

Hiya' people!

So.......as I said earlier. I want to be a cat. Not just any cat, though!


Its' name is Tommassino. Apparently, it's a stray Italian cat that was rescued by wealthy lady, named Maria Assunta. At the age of 94, Maria Assunta passed away, leaving a fortune of GBP10 million to this lucky cat. 

What can a cat do with that much money? I think, it (the money) will be very much well spent for good causes, if it was inherited to me. *wink*

On a side note; RIP, Maria Assunta. God save your good soul.

So, do you feel like changing into a cat now?


tiara.dryden said...

Still, it's kinda ridiculous kan? Unless there are cats world out there where they can shop, shop and shop, that's another different story. Hahaha.

And yes, I want to be a cat too. Lol!

Miki Aya said...

Reminds me of an anime I've watched a long time ago. Though, I can't really remember the name of it. Ha ha! We can be Garfield together! :p

Aki said...

i HATE cat, but I change my mind today.. :p