20 Feb 2012

Formal report. Again.


Do you know the feeling when you've got deadlines to catch, and you suddenly regrets that you've never started on doing your work much earlier? I do, and I always felt that way. Even now! Whenever I have this kind of feeling, I'll vow silently that I'll start on doing something, be it studying, or working on my assignments as early as possible, to prevent my brain from exploding under high pressure.

On the verge of breaking down. However, sometimes I felt as if I work better under pressure. I can see the goal clearly in front of me, so I'll push myself harder, thus, working harder than normal..... maybe...?

I was desperate, so I went ahead and borrowed this much books, but in the end, I didn't use all of them. :(

My desk during that desperate period.

Anyway, even after making that "silent vow", I still repeat the same mistake every time, and I hate myself for doing it. Okay, maybe 'hate' came a bit too harsh there, so, let's rephrase it to 'dislike'.

I'll try to change! Oh, yeah!


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