6 Feb 2012

Life as a chemist

Hi ho!

I was doing some synthesis' assignment on my bed, when I've touched the upper part of my right hand. It was rough! Well, I've long known that my hands were coarse, due to the hard labour I've been doing, my entire life. However, it's even worse now!


Why, you may ask.

Well, as usual, I had my lab on Thursday. It was an okay lab, compared to most others that I had before, since it was so straight forward. Maybe, it was too relax for an experiment, that I hadn't really paid attention to the chemicals that I've been handling. I've spilled some of the stuffs on my hand, and dismissed them as acetone.

Literally, again!

The demonstrator was teaching me on how to use the FTIR machine, when I've felt a dry-kind-of-sting on my right hand, that I've got to stop him halfway, and went to the sink to wash my hands.

Literally, again, and again!

When I got home that evening, I thought that everything will be just fine. Surprisingly, my hand had gotten red, itchy, and pretty swollen, after I've taken my shower that night. I wonder if it was an allergy reaction. Or worse, a chemical reaction! :p

Red and fat. @@

I've freaked out big time! I was thinking, what if my hand was chopped off?

....and again!

Well, it has been a few days now, and my hand is still in one piece. So, it's all good! Though, as I said earlier, it has become rougher. Grrrr....

Right! That's a right time to stop. See you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Chemical apa ko kena zal? I once accidentally spilled some of the adik-beradik of acid punya chemicals on my hands and my arms pun kena tempias, can't recall what was it, but anyway, i freaked out so bad that all i did during the lab was to wash my hands whenever possible. Hahaha.

Nasib baik lecturer kami bkn yg garang ;D

Meitzeu said...

wow~ take care girl.



Aemy Shamy said...

u dont use gloves..?
chemical thingy is risky, thats why i hate to get into lab. huhu. i remember when i almost got my hands burn by concentrated HCl..huhu..

Miki Aya said...

rai: I'm not really sure. I have a gist that it was DCM, but.... DCM won't be that bad. Dry ether? Not too bad either. Thank God that the demonstrator was all cool. :)

Meietzu: Thank u. I will, in the future. :)

Aemy: It didn't occurred to me to wear gloves, since the chemicals that we were using weren't that extreme. I'll be more careful next time. :) HCl was dangerous! omg....

Aki said...

I just feel like my hand is more soft than you now.. hahahaha.. :D.. sa tia suka kemikel, and tia akan kerja sama kemikel.. :D

Aki said...

oi.. mangai gia updaton ti blog nu.. osibuk ko mandak?? :D.. sikapai.. :p

Melissa Gilbert said...

u'll never know which will cause which..last time there was like a 50cent drop of acetic acid jatuh on my tgn,then i didn't directly wash it because yalah, acetic acid sja kan..1 min later,blister sda ne tgn..gilak..hahaha!tp i think DCM teda apa2 oh because im working with it right now..bkin cuci tgn sja tuu..hahah!tp jgn pingsan hidu ja la..LOL!

Miki Aya said...

Aki: memang pun bah. tgn sy umpama kertas pasir sdh ni skg. haha.

Mel: hahaha. jeles o sma ko!!!! master sdh ni!!!!