9 Feb 2012

I think

Do you know that.....well, I'll let you know that.....though, you don't want to know that....
Okayyyyy, what am I mumbling now?

Right! So, I was saying that I usually think a lot when I'm in the shower.

Thinking deep, and hard. *ehem* :p

A friend of mine *whose-name-shall-not-be-divulged* told me that he think the hardest when he's inside the toilet, unloading all his craps.

Pretty peculiar, but, fair enough!

Now, how about you?



Anonymous said...

I guess what took me so long in the shower is because I'm thinking. Lol. But not that often though. Haha

Aki said...

I think too much when I'm smoking.. he he he he.. Sebab masa tu, kalau boleh sa mo kasi settle semua.. :D

Miki Aya said...

Rai: yay! hi 5!

Aki: pelan2 kasi settle masalah. take your time, dia bilang. :)