28 Dec 2012

(30DBC) Day 28- What is my typical day like?


I usually woke up a couple of hours before my earliest class for the day. So, that will usually depend on my university timetable. I'll take a warm shower, eat my breakfast, and just lounge in front of my laptop doing nothing particularly productive.

I'll go to class, and try hard to understand the content of the lectures. Ha ha ha. If I don't have any school visit, or anything else, I will usually rush back home. Once I'm home, I'd wash my face, change into my pajama, and do anything that's not really productive. These activities vary from gaming (on my mobile phone), sleeping, cooking/eating, surfing the net, streaming videos, reading, and many other stuffs.

I'll take a shower a few hours before bed, and will usually spend an hour or more on bed gaming before I actually sleep at night. 

The cycle continues the next day. :)


with love said...

Merry Christmas :) :)

I shd added u on FB. I think u were on my FB list long before i deleted them...can't rmb. Anyway,tat cycle looks fun. U have many thgs to do.

Aemy Nadira said...

that sounds so peaceful :)
i used to have this kind of routine, but now everything seems to be unorganized..juggling between so many things..back home feeling tired & couldnt do anything but sleep. dont even have time to read my book. haha. btw, nice background! ;)