19 Dec 2012

(30DBC) Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them


When I was younger, my family used to call me "Oyo".
Oyo is baby in Dusun language, and since at that time, I was still the youngest of all; I've became the baby girl. This name soon disappeared when my younger brother was born 7 years after me.

Soon I was called "Puteri"/"Datin".
In English, puteri is princess, while datin is like a lady. However, I wasn't called with those nicknames because of royalty, or anything of that sorts. It was more because I was really lazy, and apparently I wouldn't do a thing until someone told me to. I wouldn't even woke up in the morning if someone didn't woke me up first.

Hehe. I've got loads more, but I think these should be plenty for now. :)

See you all again soon!

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