4 Dec 2012

(30DBC) Day 06- Favorite book(s)

Hello jello!

I really like to read, and since the books here are very cheap, I've decided to get myself a Kindle so that I can download as many books as possible without worrying about how I'll transport them back to Malaysia next summer.

Rather than talking about my favorite books, I would love to talk more on my favorite writer. That will be Matthew Reilly. I've bought and read all of his books! That's just how dedicated I am. Well, I usually bought them in charity shops, so that they'll be pretty cheap. Hehe :)

Other than him, I also like to read Dean Koontz's books, and the same goes with Dan Brown's.

I've wrote a few posts on the books I've read, and like;
  1. Because I love to read
  2. My new obsession

So, if you like to read action, thriller, crime, adventure, historical type of books, you might want to consider these writers. :)

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with love said...

I love to read. I am going back to homeland most probably this coming March next year and I have tons of books which I have no idea how to bring or ship back...grrrrr...

I guess my fav author would be Lisa Jewell. I never read any of books from the author youve mentioned. Gosh, i wish I am at ur plc now..lol..