6 Dec 2012

(30DBC) Day 07- A picture of someone that has the biggest impact on you

Hello there!

This is the picture of my late dad. He's the one person who had mostly shaped me into the person I am now. Thus, has given the biggest impact on myself.

I'm not a very smart person originally, but my dad believed that I am one if I just work hard enough. Since I was small, he'd instilled an idea into my mind that without a good education, I won't live a very satisfying life. It might not be true for some of you, but for me it is the truest thing to believe at that age.

My dad didn't came from a very good ground. His mother died when he was still very young, leaving a drunk dad to care for him and his two sisters. Knowing that his dad won't be able to feed them properly, or even give them a good education background, my dad started to tend for himself and his sisters. He'll harvest natural alcohol from the coconut trees, and will work hard in farms and fields.

Wanting to get better in life, my dad walked miles every day to the nearest school which is a few villages away from his house. He told us repeatedly that he never stopped studying if he can help it. He'll even bring his books into the lavatory, and will think long and hard about the things he'd studied during the day just before he closes his eyes to sleep at night.

Long story short, he managed to get into teacher's training, and finally began to serve as teacher from one school, to another. At the age of 55, he retired as the headmaster of SK Tiong Perungusan, and had led his life working hard tending to his orchards, fields, and estates every day except for Sunday. He'd always remembered to save Sunday for going to church every week ever since he was baptized as a Christian.

He talked about his experiences over and over again, that I can easily tell the story now. When I was younger, I thought that my dad was a really bad, and angry man. He scolded, and hit us a lot. However, now when I think about it. He was actually such an amazing man. He'd always give us a goal whenever we are facing our examinations. Especially the special ones set by the government. 

Having these goals in front of me, I set to never disappoint my dad, and I've stayed true to it. Knowing that I'll gain my dad's acknowledgement, I've worked really hard every time, and will always get straight A's in my examinations. I never got them anymore now though :'(. Because of him, I've always been able to clear the hurdles in my path to get to the next level. I am forever in debt to him.

I still remembered the day when I've gotten my offer to study in the UK....

He was admitted in the hospital, so together with some of my family members, I went to visit him at his ward. I've showed him my letter of acceptance, and there was no word to describe how happy he look that day. He was ill, but he specifically told my stepbrother to arrange a trip for them (my two brothers, my mom, and my dad) to send me for my A-level course before heading to the UK. I know that he was very proud, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity that God has given me.

He's no longer here though... I didn't even get to see him before he passed away earlier this summer. It was my greatest regret....

I never had the chance to repay his hard work. I never even got to say a proper "thank you"...

I guess.... I can only work hard to be able to graduate in summer, and do really well in life... So that he will never have to regret bringing up a daughter like me.



Winnie Irene said...

terharu sy baca ni post ko jal. sy igt jg ko slalu cerita psl bapa ko tu. yup3. very inspiring.

btw, dr mn ba kamurang dpt ni 30DBC ni?? ada satu blogger lg sy npk bt cm ni jg. hehe

Miki Aya said...

Oh. haha. Sy trnampak d blog org. sy join sja tnpa dijemput. ayuh! hehe :)

Winnie Irene said...

sy ada jg search online kan.. ada jg other 30DBC yg lain2 tajuk dia. i mean, not like yours ni la..hahaha. i wanted to.tapi connection tenet mc blum stabil. nti terstuck pula. hehe

Miki Aya said...

ko taip ja byk2 satu kali winn. pastu kasi schedule dorang. hehe. :p