2 Dec 2012

(30DBC) Day 03- Childhood memories


I remember the day my brother was trying to "teach" me how to swim.

We (the kids) followed a group of elders to the river, where they tried to harvest a plant called "agar-agar", while at the same time tried to catch some fish. So, not wanting to disturb the work of the elders, we went aside and played in the water.

My brother told me that he'll teach me how to swim. In order to do so, he asked me to pretend that I was drowning so that he can "save" me. It turns out that I didn't get to learn much from the experience since it was more terrifying than relieving. My incapable brother swam to "save" me, by dragging me over my neck, causing my face to be submerged inside the water. I really thought that I was going to die that way.

I am still unable to swim to this day. Shame on me for being a chicken. Haha!
Next time! :)

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