15 Feb 2013

Spread the love, people :)

Do you know how good it feels to do something good to another?

It feels SO GOOD!

Anyway, it's Valentine's Day today. I'm not really sure of the real fact, but one legend told the story of a priest called Valentine who served a long time ago in Rome. Apparently, when the emperor during that time decided that single men are better soldiers as to compared with those with wives, and families, he banned marriage for young men. This was obviously a ridiculous injustice. So, Valentine, set against the decree of the emperor decided to ignore him, and continued to wed young lovers in secret. Soon when this matter was discovered, the emperor ordered Valentine a death sentence.

It's just a legend, so don't hold to that. 

For me personally, I think of Valentine's day as a day to remember that love prevails. It's true that every day can be a celebration of love, but people tends to put more effort if we actually set a date on it. So, why not Valentine's? It even got a nice story to it.

I was supposed to do a charity with few friends from the Christian Union today. They've bought a 1000 gift hearts to give to random strangers on the street with bible verses on them. Sadly, due to some last minute changes in my timetable, I will not be free until after 2 pm  so I wasn't able to join them for this good deed. I was really sad, but I won't fret much. It was amazing enough that they were able to do such nice things for the sake of love today.

Then, in the afternoon, when I was about to go back home, a friend of mine who's finally picking up Christianity again after abandoning it for a very long time, told me that she's going to a Bible study session, and asked if I wanted to come along.

I said "Yes!".

We had a really good read, and discussion on Luke 7:36-50. It really touches me how this sinner of a prostitute was able to have so much faith in Jesus, believing that she'll be forgiven even after the enormous sin that she bear. Added to the faith is an extravagant devotion towards Jesus, and I can't even compare to her. In a way, I was celebrating Valentine's day by learning about this faith, and love towards Jesus. It was amazing.

Later that evening, I went to a couple of friends' flat, and had a really good, pancake date with one more of their flatmates. One whom I've just gotten to know that night. (p/s; my Canadian guy friend made the pancake for us. It was like "pancake 101 with insert name here"). Then, after a couple of hours lounging at their flat, I went to an International Pudding Party organized by the Christian Union. I was an hour late, but I got to chat with some old and new friends during the party. (I had enough pancake, so I didn't help myself for any puddings). It was a good social, and at the same time, a good sharing of Jesus, and the mission's week that's currently ongoing in my university.

Finally, on my way home, I've stopped by a convenient store to withdraw some cash, and planned to buy some foods for myself. Then, I saw this homeless guy, sitting by the door with his dog.

It was such a sight...

Having bought some foods, I went out of the store, and stopped for a while to look at him. Thinking that I had received so much love for the day, I handed him the plastic bag that I was holding, with all the foods I've just bought inside. I guess, Jesus was driving me to spread some love tonight, and guess what? I felt so good! It was such a satisfying feeling to be able to do something nice for a change.

Better, when it's because of Jesus.

If you are feeling down anytime later, try to do something good to another. It doesn't have to be something big, but it'll give you so much satisfaction. It's a good therapy. It works for me!


Received a bouquet of flower - check
Talked to cute guy at school - check
Read the Bible - check
Gave chocolates - check
Gave cards - check
Received chocolate - check
Had a "romantic" date - check
Had a hot guy cook for me (for all of us) - check
Made new friends - check
Did something good for another - check
Feels really good - check!


b0m^2 said...

hohoho.. baik gia si auntie :D
what a nice day :D

Meitzeu said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you

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Winnie Irene said...

feeling happy reading your post babe! and yup3. i feel the love. hoho

lexa said...

Happy Valentine day Zal.
And wow that Romantic Date tu yg nda tahan tu... he he

Arms said...

Hey Miki. Haha can I still call you that.

Long time no see.

How are you?

Arms said...

Hey buddy, where have you gone to. Busy ka hehehe. Or you still on Valentine's mood :D

And happy Friday.